The African Content Movement (ACM) will make sure that South African constitutional democracy with a three-tier system of government and an independent judiciary, benefit all the citizens equally reducing inequality.

The ACM will make sure that the national, provincial and local levels of government as defined in the Constitution respond the needs of the community in those levels.

We believe, as servants of the people, that the true direction of political activity is the ceaseless examination and evaluation of local and national goals in the light of our democratic faith, and because we were inspired by the principle and humane leadership exemplified by the founders, together, have chosen to establish a permanent people’s organization that will be represented by servants in the three sphere of government to make sure that their communities has the direct influence on the direction of the people government in its three spheres. The organisation will satisfy a need in this country as well as in Africa that will represent and be responsive to the needs of majority of voters in South Africa.

ACM will off-load problems around Youth unemployment and skills development. The organisation subscribes to the promotion of an African agenda. The ACM will train more youth to be problem solvers in order to take South Africa and Africa forward.

The ACM intends to create a generation of citizens with sustainable knowledge, education, entrepreneurship skills, productions, problem solving, independence, self-conscious individuals who are actively participating in the country resources and the economy.