#HlaudiForPresident took off officially on Thursday morning when former SABC boss Hlaudi Motsoeneng launched his new political party, named the African Content Movement (ACM).

The launch was held at Milpark Hotel in Johannesburg and, ever so confident in himself, Motsoeneng vowed that his party was going to rule South Africa.

According to its leader, ACM is not funded by anyone and has been registered with the Independent Electoral Committee (IEC) to contest next year’s general elections.

What to expect from the African Content Movement

Having gained notoriety in his days at the public broadcaster after seeing to it that stations play 90% local content, the ACM promises operate in a similar vein.

Hlaudi Motsoeneng on the ACM’s policy

How this translates to the political sphere, remains to be seen. But Motsoeneng did shed a bit of light, saying that his party vow to stand for South Africa’s culture and tradition.

“We are going to make sure we know who we are as South Africans. What is more important, this movement, (this) animal – (is) African first. Anything we produce will be 90% African.”

On the land question

Like all political parties, the ACM promises to be all about action and no talk and, while it has so far been all about the latter, Motsoeneng also delved on topical issues affecting the country.

On the land question, the party is all about distributing land to the black majority, but not by expropriation. Instead, Motsoeneng proposes that the government enter into a transaction with land owners.

“We must give people who want land free of charge. Government must fund those people.”

On race relations

Motsoeneneng says his party stands for all the country’s citizens regardless of race, but urged white people to “understand” who is in need of empowerment.

“My party stands for all South Africans Black and white people, but White people must understand that Blacks are in the majority for empowerment.

On service delivery

The ACM also promises to put the decision-making powers in the hands of the people, as it will be the citizens who decide which services they need in their communities.

“In our movement, the citizen is going to take the decision when it comes to their needs. For example, in my municipality, if people decide they want a clinic and not a mall, they will decide. It won’t be the party that decides.”

On education

The ACM leader also touched on the issue of education, having jumped into the public consciousness through his lack of qualifications for his previous post at the SABC.

Motsoeneng stressed the importance of education, but said it should be backed by action.

“I have seen people especially those with many certificates, the first thing they’ll show you is their wall (of accolades) but when you ask how they’ve changed the lives of people in South Africa – dololo!”

Source – TheSouthAfrican.com – https://www.thesouthafrican.com/african-content-movement-hlaudi-motsoeneng-new-party/